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Murder By Infomercial!

Murder By Infomercial!

It’s time for another revolutionary product to sell on TV, and we need your help! But wait…There’s more! Not only will we need you to be our fantastic studio audience, but we may need your help with selecting a product, staffing the crew and keeping our feuding co-hosts at bay.

You see, AJ Thomas, the not-so nice, Infomercial Co-Host, is blackmailing Dana Davidson – the big-time movie star, Dusty – the Director, and possibly even Kit – the poor clueless assistant into doing this Infomercial for a “Surprise Million-Dollar Product” …surely designed to embarrass them, which can only be a recipe for disaster.

But wait…There’s more! But wait…There’s Murder!?! That’s right! When one of our famous Infomercial Co-Hosts is murdered, we just may need your help in solving the case too.!

All Items can be purchased in advance or at the performance. All major credit cards accepted.